MCon is part of the Sigicom group and is directed to machinery that operates in completely unattended environments.


For machinery that operates in completely unattended environments. Because machines represent great value and their proper function is critical, it is of increasing importance that machinery is monitored for early detection of: Abnormal vibration levels, Imbalance, Misalignment, Bearing wear and Bearing damage.

Sigicom offers a number of products with different levels of complexity for continuous monitoring of machinery. Sigicom’s products are used by companies that are world leaders in their respective product areas.


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Vibration Sensor


VIX is used to monitor víbration levels of rotating machines that can be damaged by high vibration levels. It´s mounted directly on the machine and the cable connects to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) or SCADA systems. 


Machine Condition


The P22-S Vibration Monitor uses advanced digital signal processing algoritms to continously calculate a number of important vibration parameters in real time. Data is available over Ethernet and can easily be connected to PLC, SCADA or other remote monitoring system.